The State of Enterprise SEO in 2017 – What is Not Working and What Are the Most Successful Marketing Strategies

This survey and its analysis was co-authored by North Star Inbound Senior Creative Strategist Andrea Petorian. 01

In the early spring of 2017 North Star Inbound partners’ seoClarity and Buzz Stream SEO teams conducted a social industry experiment, collecting data from over 240 SEO specialists across the country. Comparing notes from what were the leading strategies to implement for business country-wide, as well as what they each found most difficult.

Enterprise-level SEO agencies requires a high-efficient level of strategy insight to improve revenue for large organisations, these organisations are generally in the Fortune 1000 and have teams giving attention to sectioned channels that align to company goals. Enterprise SEO teams have a lot to offer a digital marketing teams as they meet their own goals alongside the company’s core goal.

In comparison to smaller organisations, Enterprise-level SEO companies have the ability to look at search data and trends to give advice to all parts of the organisation. Enterprise agencies assist in marketing for both niche and global marketing campaigns where conversions as small as 0.1% can indicate a high increase in traffic volume.  An Enterprise SEO tool should focus on innovation in the creative ideas it gives you for future campaigns.

Optimising Search through data driven searches and Keyword searches – How agencies can prepare for Google’s next step

The agencies website pages speed and indexation are the top concerns for Enterprise SEO agencies nation-wide and with 45% of companies invest more than 20,000 per month to optimise search. Simultaneously, 85% of these survey respondents said they are maintaining or increasing their link-building budgets.


Utilising Google’s Online Marketing Devices can have a phenomenal impact in the increase of your click-view rates on your website. These devices include Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google My Business.



Branded Searches and the Struggle for Enterprise SEO Agencies 

Branded searches are designed to catch the reviews that do not credit your business. It’s important to remember to remedy these insights, as potential investors and employees could be impacted by bad reviews and the agencies reputation. Enterprise SEO agencies find this area of marketing difficult as they pay less attention into the agencies brand monitoring, whereas small-medium sized businesses have this area as a high priority.

Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management cover the monitoring, identifying and influencing of your digital reputation and credibility. This software is the most common way for your customers’ to learn about your business with 92% of customers regularly reading online reviews according to this recent study.

Agencies will find an increase sales with effective brand monitoring, as a lot of customers tend to research their brand options online before they make their choices. Thus, it is important to build customer-brand trust and credibility with online management to increase your traffic volume and revenue on your website.

“If you relinquish your brand story to others, you lose control of the brand and the message”

        – John  Curtis, Search Engine Land  

The industry is getting more competitive every day, and when brand visibility is not a priority for the company, you run the risk of customers being exposed to misinterpretations of the brand.

Most effective strategies and the greatest issues of concern for Enterprise and Small-to-medium sized businesses in 2017.

Most SEO teams are relying on Public Relations for link-building and surprisingly only 59% of the most effective SEO strategies were found to be online. 96% utilise keyword search and topic importance, 40% say content development is the most pressing issue in Enterprise-level SEO agencies.


Survey respondents couldn’t agree on what was the most appropriate amount to spend on Return On Investment (ROI).


However, more than 14.4% said they spend more than $5,000 as a monthly budget, 26.7% spend over $20,000, 20% spend between $5,000-$10,000 AND 45% spend over 45,000, this also however showed the levels of privilege from the agencies themselves.


When asked to rate activities of highest priority the survey found the order of importance was first Technical SEO(back-end optimisation), Content development (comprehensive content), Traffic Analysis (patterns), followed by  Link-building (earning off-page through back-links) with 10.6% of our respondents ranked linked link-building highest.

Whilst there are advancements in technology such as; messaging apps, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and voice recognition. It’s fundamental that we as current and future marketing masterminds understand the grounding tricks of the trade as a basis of which to grow our business knowledge and strategy implementation.


The most successful strategy employed by Enterprise SEO agencies was found to be ‘Online Optimisation’ over the past 12 months. Leading marketers in Enterprise agencies found that focusing on the user’s experience and the evergreen content of the website was the most effective way of driving leads.

Whereas small businesses got a greater increase of traffic from their insights content and link-building efforts. However, all according to and SEO company in Auckland are enduring the struggle of link-building and are finding gathering high-quality links to be the most difficult strategy to execute.

The data survey showed that experiences differ based on the company’s size. The Enterprise-level agencies say technical online optimisation was their second most difficult strategy to implement. However, this was not the case for small-medium sized businesses.

Enterprise-level agencies are less concerned with outreach and link-building than small and medium sized businesses, that are more concerned about mobile responsibilities and user experience.

It’s important for your business to at the very least have a goal in being at the top of its game in all these areas – We can help you make that happen!

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