Best Yoga apps for 2019

What’s great about yoga is that you can do it anywhere, at any time. You don’t need any equipment or other people to be able practice it. However, you might need some help and inspiration when it comes to what exercises to perform. This is where your smartphone or tablet come in handy. By downloading an app, you can find class plans, join classes, and find all kinds of positions and sequences. You also get instructions on how to perform these. There are apps for all levels – we have listed the top-rated yoga apps for 2019.

Down Dog

If you’re new to yoga, this app features a 3-day intro to yoga specifically designed to strengthen your back. The app is free but features in-app purchases. If you use the paid version, you can choose to target 12 different areas and choose from seven different instructors.

Asana Rebel

If you’re looking to get fit by practicing yoga, this app is definitely the one for you. By mixing different yoga-inspired workouts, it will help you get in shape in no time. Set a personal goal and find workouts based on your goal. The app is free to download but features in-app purchases.

Simply Yoga

This app is free and is ideal for those who are happy with just a few different routines with multiple poses. Watch video instructions and choose from 20, 40, or 60-minute workouts.

5 Minute Yoga

This app is free and is perfect for newbies who want to give yoga a try, but don’t know if it’s their thing. Track your progress directly in the app. You will be surprised about how quickly you will see results from practicing yoga just 5 minutes a day. It will help relieve stress, strengthen your body, and tone muscles.

Daily Yoga

If you’re really into yoga, Daily Yoga would be the ultimate app for you. With more than 500 asanas, 50 workout plans, and 200 guided yoga classes, you will most definitely find the perfect exercises and plans for yourself. The app offers different subscription plans, starting off at $12,99 per month.

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