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Sales Recruitment

Of course, you want the big guns. The sharpshooters. The charming, yet hungry sales person with a twinkle in their eye and a swagger in their step, to whom mere mortals just want to throw their money at....The fact is, you can’t have them. Sorry.

Marketing Recruitment

We can deliver the people you need to make your business sing. You know that your Marketing department drives the voice your business. Hire the wrong people to drive this department and you may find that your business will quickly lose its powers of persuasion.

FMCG Recruitment

In the arena of fast moving consumer goods, we are all fast moving consumers. As players in the competitive battle of all that is FMCG, we want it all; diet, half price, 23% bigger, low-fat, full-cream, new and improved, limited edition, original flavour, in five colours; and yes, we want it now.

Contact Centre Recruitment

Let’s face it, retaining quality staff in your contact centre isn’t easy. You face a high rate of turnover and the ever present challenge of getting new recruits trained and up to speed in the shortest time possible.

I value RSP’s ability to peel back the onion; taking time to understand my business + the competence requirements, then translating that to the perfect short-list of candidates.

Anthony – Weapon of Mass Transactions at one of our FMCG clients

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