Is Content Marketing Overrated?

Developing free content has become an important part of any modern B2B enterprises’ marketing. After all, traffic is what businesses want, and creating enough free content over a long enough time period will result in just that.


If you have blogged before, you will know that it can be a tough slog. Many bloggers can write for years before getting any traction. However, is writing a new blog post a day really worth the time? Should businesses re-evaluate the value of content marketing?


Is Blogging A Good Time Investment?


Blogging may seem like a good activity to boost your business. After all, it is free and doesn’t take too long to do. However, every minute you commit to writing a blog post is another minute you aren’t spending promoting your business in some other way.


There is one focus in business, and that focus is sales. Any business that forgets that is going to tread dangerous waters. The more time you are able to commit to sales the better off your business will be.


Of course there are no sales without prospects. Striking a balance is important. The question is how much effort should you be putting into each department. If you spend every day writing content, that is time you aren’t spending on driving sales.


The other misconception is that the more your blog grows then the more your business will grow. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to blogging, it is about quality over quantity. Some manage to get significant traffic without having to publish much at all.


Tom Morkes, a high successful blogger and entrepreneur, says if he could have started over again, he would not have done so much blogging. His argument being that it took him twice the time to get half the benefits. Essentially there are easier ways to make a dollar for your business.


There Is Already More Content Out There Than People Will Ever Read


Influential content marketer Mark Schaefer refers to ‘content shock’ to refer to the phenomena of increasing amounts of content being created and increasingly less time in our modern lives to filter through it all.


Keeping up with all the content being made is impossible; even more so if you can’t even get your inbox in check!


Is It Worth Trying To Keep Up With All The Other Content Producers?


Keeping up with all the continent marketers and bloggers out there is a race. In order to be seen and show up frequently in other people’s browsers, you need to be posting regularly. Publishing a new piece of content daily, which is often what it requires to make any sort of traction, may prevent your addressing other aspects of your business that need attention.


Yet again, re-evaluating your business and what is a good use of time is crucial. Don’t let yourself get carried away with the prospect of boosted traffic if it comes at the expense of existing customers or improving your services.


Our conclusion is that content marketing certainly has a role to play, but you shouldn’t be putting it ahead of other more crucial activities. Why not consider outsourcing your content marketing and blogging? Spend time focussing on what will bring in the dollars.

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