10 Weathering Steel Sculptures You Will Fall In Love With


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Weathering steel is a popular type of steel that is economic and corrosion resistant. Due to its strength, durability and very little need for maintenance, it is popularly used in the construction of bridges and roads.


However, weathering steel has a secret life as the medium preferred by many sculptors and artists. The rough, bronze, abrasive texture of weathering steel has a unique aesthetic appeal that has made it desirable by architects and artists alike.


Here are our top ten examples of beautiful weathering steel sculptures that will make you fall in love with this wonderful type of steel!


The History of Weathering Steel and Sculpture Art


Weathering steel is known for its aesthetically pleasing ‘rust’ colour that blends in well with its surroundings. Since it’s growth in popularity in the early 20th century, architects and sculptors have used the material. It’s natural look and feel and strength and durability has made it synonymous with outside garden art.


Great architects from Luis Barragan to modern sculptors like Gerald DiGiusto have brought this wonderful material to the masses. Nowadays it is hard to find an open space that hasn’t been decorated with this revolutionary type of steel.


And, now for our top ten sculptures.


1.    Infinity Corten IV by Lachlan Ross


This stunning sculpture is situated in the heart of Melbourne. It currently graces Toorak Rd in the prestigious suburb of South Yarra. The representation of the infinity symbol has added meaning when translated into a three dimensional sculptural object.


Not only does the bronze texture mean this structure is sturdy and unlikely to deteriorate anytime soon, the bronze gives this statue an added aesthetic appeal.



2.    3D Leaf by David Polasek


This 3D leaf is not only stunning, but is highly sturdy. Here it is placed next the ocean, where it’s metallurgical make up allows it to survive the harsh waves.


Weathering steel leaves a thin layer of rust, giving the structure an abrasive bronze appearance.



3.    Large Cranes by Robert C. Anderson


This structure developed by metal sculpture artist Robert C. Anderson utilises weathering steel to great effect. The aged rust look matches the aesthetic of the garden.


Due to the durability of weathering steel, these sculptures will last for a long time for many generations to enjoy.


4.    Stickleback by Alan Ross


Alan Ross has used weathering steel to produce this evocative art piece. An excellent example of garden art that takes people out of their ordinary everyday in a public space and into a world of imagination.



5.    You Blew Me Away by Penny Hardy



Innovative artist Penny Hardy produced this weathering steel sculpture. The texture and sturdiness of the steel means this sculpture is the optimal medium for withstanding harsh outdoor conditions.



6.    Colonization Device by Floyd Elzinga



This sculpture was produced by celebrate artist Floyd Elzinga using steel as a medium. Notice that the petals of this pinecone are made from old shovelheads. Elzinga has a magical eye composition. This sculpture fits in well with the environment it was built for.



7.    Dream Vortex by Caroline Robisons




In this piece, Caroline Robinson is evoking questions about ‘ritual, stories and symbols’. Caroline Robinson has used weathering steel as a way to evoke a natural hue from her medium, in order to express humanity’s affinity and connection to the earth.



8.    Leaf Form I by Peter M Clarke




Peter M Clarke has used weathering steel to produce these wonderful pieces of garden art. Due to its durability and tensile strength, Clarke is able to produce unique and complex forms that brighten up this already stunning landscape.



9.    Contro Two by Gerald DiGiusto




Gerald DiGiusto’s Contro Two was made in 1977 and is still as sturdy today as it was when it was first unveiled over forty years ago. Giusto passed away in 1987 but this weathering steel sculpture still stands and is one of many testaments to his artistic legacy.


10. Fuente de los Amantes by Luis Barragan



To finish off this collection of outstanding weathering steel sculptures, we have included this beautiful installation by acclaimed architect Luis Barragan. In the mid 20th century, Barragan influenced many contemporary architects with his imaginative use of weathering steel. This is an excellent example of how weathering steel is used in conjunction with water for a beautiful aesthetic.




We hope you enjoyed this little list we have collated of our favourite weathering steel art pieces. What are your favourite weathering steel sculptures? Feel free to share links or pictures with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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