Relate counselling Auckland | Specialist Relationship Counselling Service

Relate counselling Auckland is a Professional counselling service that specializes in helping couples to work through their relationship problems.

Relate have multiple locations across Auckland and a large team of dedicated, highly qualified Relationship therapists. Relate Relationship counselling Auckland can help to make your relationship awesome again.

Unlike counsellers who don’t specialize in Relationship therapy, couples who seek out Relate’s services have an 85% success rate, in comparison, non-specialist therapists have an average success rate of 50-55%.

Relate counselling offers unique Relationship intensives and marathon therapy sessions. This allows couples to fast track the healing process, by cramming a whole months worth of sessions into a single day. This is ideal for couples that may have difficult work schedules, or couples going through a recent trauma such as an affair who want to start amending their relationship issues more urgently.

The amount of experience and expertise in the Relate team means that they regularly supervise and train other clinicians, both within New Zealand and Internationally. Relate also mutually benefit from collaboration with top-level clinicians internationally, so they can stay up to date with the most effective therapeutic practices.

Many of the members of Relate Counselling Team have decade’s worth of experience individually, but they still find benefit in the team approach. All Counsellors meet on a weekly basis to discuss their experience, to provide mentorship and to learn from each other.

Relates mission is to help couples work through tough periods in their relationships and enable them to develop deeper more meaningful connections. They take this mission incredibly seriously, which is why they regularly take the time to engage with the community. Relate offer a number of Free Resources, including; public seminars, training for other clinicians and many other forms of informational outreach.

One of these outreach projects is the “The Relate Project” their community outreach project and part of being a fence at the top of the relational cliff rather than simply an ambulance.  These fun informational talks are incredibly informative and have saved multiple relationships.

Relate Counselling Auckland always want to be there for their clients which is why they endeavour to make short notice/last minute appointments available and to provide after hours services.

 On relates website, you can read about each of their counsellors their locations and their specialities. You can then arrange an appointment with a counsellor whose description suits your needs. Or you can simply make a no obligation inquiry if you would like to find out more regarding how relationship therapy can help improve your relationships.

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