Jim’s Trees New Zealand Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Jim’s trees run New Zealand’s most extensive network of experienced qualified arborists. Offering fast, efficient and safe arborist services nationwide.


Jim’s trees perform a range of Arbory related specialist services; they are Auckland’s leading company for Tree Removal, stump grinding, Tree pest and disease control and arborist consulting. This makes Jims trees the obvious choice for any of the tree related issues you’re likely to encounter.


WHY should you choose a qualified arborist for these services?


Tree removal:

Tree removal and even trimming of trees is a highly perilous activity when not performed by an experienced professional. Larger trees especially can pose significant risk to surrounding property. Factors that seem trivial are difficult for an amateur eye to judge such as the slope of the tree. This makes it essential that any tree removal tasks are carried out by an fully insured and qualified Arborist.

All of Jim’s Trees arborists have undergone substantial training and effort to earn qualifications in all manor of tree care and maintenance.

Jims Trees have all the right tools to get the Job done!

Jim’s trees have an impressive range of equipment, so they can choose the perfect machinery and implements to deal with any task an arborist might encounter. From small implements for pruning small woody plants to huge cranes for the removal of enormous trees. Arborist’s perform a highly variable set of tasks and Jim’s are best prepared for all of them. One day they may be pressure washing palm trees the next they are stump grinding and creating mulch, to pruning all manor of trees.

What is an Arborist?

Arborists should be thought of as tree surgeons, they require extensive experience and skill to get their job done and extensive knowledge to maintain trees and other woody plants. Whether for pruning, treating decay or even replanting an entire tree, arborists know to do a job in such a way to best enable the tree to recover and thrive.

Arborists have to go through extensive vocational qualifications in arboriculture and then have to complete a period of infield mentorship. Their program usually includes practical on hand guidance in the areas of: Pest control, care of surroundings, health and safety, fertilizing, removal, stump grinding, mulching, chipping, inspections and surveys and even processes for clearing a job with local councils and tree control authorities.

There are many reasons that you might consult the services of a professional arborist, whether you’re simply wishing to evaluate the trees on your property, extend your garden/backyard. Removal of a stump before it becomes hazardous or a host of pests, or mitigate the risk of trees causing damage to personal property or public property such as power lines. All of those reasons match services that can be handled efficiently, with expert care at a highly competitive rate by the experts at Jim’s Trees.

Jim’s Trees have been servicing hundreds of clients across New Zealand, including residential, commercial, local council authorities, government agencies and more. Since 1977 when Jims trees NZ was founded they’ve maintained an exceptional level of customer satisfaction.


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